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The following is a representative list of succesful projects completed.

Digital Water Meter for a major manufacturer. Uses lithium battery for 6 year battery life. Scales magnetically generated pulses to selectable engineering units for flow rate and flow total on custom LCD display.

Smog Testing Machine monitor. Interfaces to dyno and other instrumentation to provide data to PC for display .

Brushless DC Motor controls for speed and direction control for hobby use, Navy helicopter drone and surgical drill. Monitor temperature and battery voltage.

Touch Screen Controller. For kiosk application with DVD player and CRT/LCD screen.

Clay pigeon target counter. Battery operated portable counter and launcher controller to allow operator to account for and charge users for targets thrown.

Electroluminescent Display Digital Clock. Table-size clock with EL panel display.

Digital Wattmeter. Consumer product for measuring and predicting energy usage and cost of operation of appliances.

Assisted Listening Device. Controls RF synthesizer, custom LCD from user activated buttons. signal strength indicator, seek, and channel select/lockout are features.

Wireless Juke Box control. Replaces mechanical wired table boxes for restaurant and bar use.

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